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Strengthening Global Connections: MY FREIGHTER Partners with Air Europa

10 июн. 2024 г.

My Freighter Airlines and Air Europa announced a mutually beneficial interline partnership that will allow both carriers access to each other’s extensive cargo network via North America, South America, EU, and Central Asia.
Effective from June 5, 2024, this interline agreement will serve as a benchmark to cargo carriers around the world, showcasing the possibilities that can be achieved through mutual cooperation. Through this interline, My Freighter will have access to 8 different destinations including Panama City, Cancun, Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, Columbia, Miami, New York, and Sao Paolo. In return My Freighter is able to offer Air Europa access to Tashkent as our hub for our flights and all of Central Asia through our RFS trucking network.
We believe in creating a new “Silk Road” linking the east and west through Central Asia. By partnering with Air Europa, this is the first step as we are now able to send cargo from North America and South America seamlessly to destinations in Central Asia with a simple click of a button.

Abdulaziz Abdurakhmanov - Chairman
“The partnership with Air Europa has opened doors for us to North and South America - with such a partner we will cross previously closed oceans and open new horizons. We are motivated to create a leading player in the air cargo market, and through mutually beneficial partnerships we will be able to achieve this goal even faster. New countries, a hub in Tashkent and ambitious goals to capture the market" - what else is needed for a high result?”

Jordi Pique - General Manager
"We are very happy with the agreement reached, as it reinforces Air Europa Cargo's growth objectives and allows us to expand the network of destinations with which we connect. For our customers, it means expanding our offer by covering from Asia to the Americas with a reliable partner, putting in value both our strategic position in the Madrid-Barajas hub and one of the most modern and efficient long-haul fleets in the market, made up of our Boeing 787 Dreamliner", says Jordi Piqué, General Manager of Air Europa Cargo.

About Air Europa Cargo
Founded in 2018, it is the Air Europa airline business unit dedicated to the delivery of air cargo services. Its objective is to bring differentiation and innovation to freight transport, offering its customers the highest quality and guarantee throughout the entire logistics chain. Air Europa Cargo places the commitment to the customer at the core of its proposal, offering a wide range of options, from heavy cargo to those requiring the application of special control measures, such as the transport of pharmaceutical products or live animals. The unit benefits from one of the most modern and efficient fleets in the sector, consisting entirely of Boeing 787 and Boeing 737 models, with which it provides cargo services on all Air Europa routes in Spain, the rest of Europe and the Americas.

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